About Us

Catering, Cafe and Bakery are everything for us

Dinkar Food Craft Institute is a unit of Dinkar Group of Industries, founded by Mr. Dinesh Chandola in 2010 with a vision to become industry leader in Food and Facility Management, incorporating innovation and ethical credibility, nurturing company portfolio, through quality service, integrity and honesty, organic growth & maximum enrichment of stakeholder and community’s wellbeing, by offering end to end solutions, assisting customer to focus on their core competencies.

DFCI is a part of Dinkar Group portfolio which also incorporates other entities, i.e., Dinkar food Solutions, Dinkar industries Solutions, Dinkar Transport Services and Dinkar Investments Solutions. To know more about the vertical please click here.

Dinkar’s Group of Companies is centered on constant improvement in the efficiency of the services and focusing on the 100% client satisfaction with 100% compliance.

Our Market Presence

Dinkar is very proud to announce My Bakery as iys premier brand of bakery in NCR areas. Well known for its quality bakery products in the region, it also serves as a platform for DFCI students to showcase their bakery skills to the public by delivering their favorite cakes delivered to their home.

Dinkar’s Bread Crumbs is one quality products that has no competition in the region. Bread crumbs are made by processing bread into a coarse or fine powder. It is usually made from leftover bread and is a good way of avoiding wastage. Bread crumbs or breadcrumbs consist of crumbled bread of various dryness, sometimes with seasonings added, used for breading or crumbing foods. This is available in various packing sizes as per the need of dish.


We are covering many good delectable delicacies at our round the clock commercial bakery, as per your convenience. Learn the hands on knowledge and get experienced with our professional trainers.

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